Dropping Boxes: accessibility analysis

Taking a step away from an entirely scripted system, I have been considering accessibility and circulation within and across the ‘dropped’ boxes. This has involved introducing rules to classify ‘accessible’ vs ‘inaccessible’ boxes, based on max. permissible step levels and min. number of touching boxes. The inaccessible boxes are then removed from the grid creating potential breaks or open spaces within the camp. It is noted that structures dropped with a high snap threshold value do not loose any boxes, as due to the alignment none become regarded as ‘inaccessible’.

The second part of this analysis looks at how the locally accessible blocks could exist as distinct units, removing the walls between their constituent boxes. However, as accessibility between them is not possible due to the max. permissible step value, a second tier of circulation must exist. It is thought that this could exist as part of the rooftop structure, with the introduction of steps/ladders/stairs between the units.

It is at this point that the project may move into a more typically ‘architectural’ design scheme, and away from the initially scripted geometry.

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