Generating architectural shapes and stepping out of my comfort zone – final thoughts about P3

For the final stage of the first part of this project, I have experimented further with combining different meshes and settings for the agents in Culebra to see what architectural shapes can be generated based on different criteria. I produced a series of 25 architectural shapes/pavillions, intuitively testing different settings to generate different architectural elements. After generating the pavillions, I zoomed in on them to identify different architectural elements/typologies that had emerged based on different settings.

My usual process when working with architectural projects is quite rational and controlled. Trying to let go of my own expectations for what the end result will be has been a challenge for me during this project. During my presentation, I got the comment that I from here on should try to take a step back to a more rational, controlled process and set of rules for the Culebra agents. Getting that comment was a big victory for me, as proof that I managed to step outside of my regulated and boxy comfort zone and just try something new based on intuition. I am very much looking forward to the next part of the project, since I hopefully will get a chance to keep working on finding the balance between controlled/rational/result-oriented and intuitive design processes.