Ruled surfaces: curves from lines.

Given the orthogonal nature of the project so far, ruled surfaces seemed a natural place to begin an investigation into curved forms.

In 3D model and grasshopper, I investigated how varying surfaces can be created following different ‘stem’ lines on the faces of a cube.

In attempt to classify the resulting surfaces I sought a graphical way of analysing their curvature, that could be represented and compared between each. As shown in the diagrams below, the mid-point curve is generated in two directions across the surface. The resulting curves are laid flat in mirror of each other, and area of each calculated as a percentage of the overall polygon from endpoints. Because the ‘curvy-ness’ of the surface increases as the mid-point curve deviates from a straight line, the large the percentage area is deemed to represent a more curved surface (…maybe…).

String models of 6 example surfaces.

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