Koch snowflake 3D (finally!)

With some (a lot) of help from different tutorials and Pablo and Annie, I finally have a Python script producing the famous fractal “the Koch Curve”, in the 3D version, namely the Koch Snowflake. At last!! (even though the result is not as important as the process, it is certainly nice to rest one’s eyes upon it. This image is unfortunatelly rasterized. And, one really need to zoom in on the tetrahedra in the last generations)

On 3D-printing, fabrication and ornaments

Hey guys,

This project got me fascinated a few years ago (firstly because of the sci-fi-esc columns). Manufacturing is by means of 3D-printing with concrete, using robots. In my opinion, it is interesting on the topic of ornamentics due to the structural characteristics which could also be said to be decorative.