Suggestive, not literal architectural drawings

We’ve been discussing a lot the idea of how to represent your second project so that they have an architectural language (but perhaps not literal sections in a building with floor slabs and people). Here are two references we were showing around, so you have the links. Happy section making!








Taming the Erratic, Daniel Norell + Einar Rodhe



The Next Port of Call, Bair and Balliet, 15th architecture biennale, Venice 2016


Machine Learning for Artists

In my current project, I’m working on generative processes with some connections to machine learning techniques. I just found a great resource, Machine Learning for Artists, with lots of video lectures and code related to principle component analysis, neural networks, deep learning and much more.


Check out the “classes” tab for the video lectures. launch!

Screen Shot 2017-11-22 at 10.45.33 AM.png

ETH’s NCCR Digital Fabrication has launched a project website. The website has detailed information about the project’s design concept, its building site NEST, and all of the architecture and construction innovations which are being transferred for the first time from the laboratory to a real construction project: the “In situ Fabricator”, “Mesh Mould”, “Smart Slab”, “Smart Dynamic Casting”, and “Spatial Timber Assemblies”

Digital Grotesque


For anyone interested in the techniques behind the Digital Grotesque project and others by Michael Hansmeyer / Benjamin Dillenburger, check out these course pages from ETH Zürich with Processing scripts:

More of the theory behind it is described in the article “Mesh Grammars –
Procedural Articulation of Form”:

“Stoorn” – Elk Architecture

Hey guys,

Just wanted to share the famous “Stoorn”:   (not yet built, but it has building permit)

Sorry if you don’t understand Swedish, but I can tell you, that this dialect… I barely understand! But the idea (and animation) is just priceless. “You should really feel that you are inside the body of an elk!” / Torbjörn Holmlund,