Feedback 17.09.25

Great pinup today – make sure to post your work on the blog and get the sharing going! We will have our next GH tutorial at 9am on thursday.

Some specific references you might find helpful:

Viktoria: Sierpinski triangle, also check out fraktalfabriken and polygo (could make your own for more quick fabrications), Fractal Cult Project,  L-systems

Erik: L-systems/perlin noise

James – paper on the British Museum, Daniel Piker’s blog on Rheotomic Surfaces

Siyana – Felix Candela, Kenzo Tange

Philip – Archidose rose window drawings

Olga – Sean Ahlquist

Sandra – fibonacci and golden ratio grasshopper componets

Adah – Folding techniques for designers, Ron Resch, Robert Lang, A.L. Scherer thesis booklet, Ori Revo, Tomohiro Tachi