Wrapping it up

I took a step back and tried to more clearly explain how the path is generated, by breaking it down step by step. The fact that the curve is made up of lines and arcs gives me an opportunity to arrange elements of the program accordingly. Arcs would be “stops” along the path where things happen, and lines would form connections, both physical and infrastructural, between stops.

I have also continued to look at the spaces above and below the level of the path. This becomes clearer in this axonometric showing the path appearing and disappearing with the landscape.

By looking at the relationship between the plan and the section, and then the section and the plan, I have begun to analyse their characteristics and place elements of the program along the route. The section below shows the unwrapped route split into curved/straight and above/below segments, alongside the plan.

Here is a diagram attempting to explain certain elements of the campsite along the route.