Weekly Update

I’ve been keeping a personal process documentation on Google Docs and forgot to update myself here (whoops). I’ll upload some of the recent parts of it:


I figured out I’d try out the simple square origami tessellation. Additional creases need to be created in order to shape it into the following:

Without the additional creases, it can still be quite flexible and can be bent into a spiral form with force, but it’s only manageable because of the paper material. The pattern texture is quite pleasing looking in my eyes, though.


I encountered another type of origami, called hyperbolic folding. The crease pattern tends to follow the shape of the paper. It will automatically become a fixed shape (they call it hypar form) when mountain and valley creases are applied. The diagonal creases are supposed to be the base/skeleton for the origami structure.


I came to the conclusion that this kind of origami is best used for structure and display (in architecture). I want to try out combining this and the square tessellation origami together, to see if the square pattern can be created into a structure of its own. I will need a bigger paper size for it. I would also need some Grasshopper help in order to recreate the model in the program as well…