Dirty Geometry: exploding sphere(s)

What if there are a way of actually making the box explode? The interior can manipulate the exterior?
These experiment was made using Grasshopper and Kangeroo physics engine. The physical entities to manipulate are not boxes but mesh spheres. Why? Oh, just tired of bloody boxes.
Forces applied are Pressure and SphereCollide, with certain vertices acting as anchor points. The results were unexpected.

(With my thesis project, I propose Dirty Geometry: norm-bending design that would challenge conventions within the field of architecture.
Dirty geometry advocates for a more playful and colorful aesthetics, one that could be said to be queer because of its norm-bending ambitions.
It investigates concepts such as ugliness, beauty, architecture and the
human body, interiority and femininity, ”bad taste”. The purpose is to, with the aid of parametric design processes, critizise design paradigms and make Stockholm more dirty and less boring.)